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22 thoughts on “LISTENER COMMENTS
  1. Studio looks awesome. A wise man once told me not to over modulate while I was a DJ.

    And not call Maurice Cheeks, Maurice Chex

    All the best.
    -Justin Tyler

    • No!!!!! Lucky Eddie and Rob are in their corner, not yours. They only want you because I don’t. Start your own podcast, I’ll gladly stay off it.


  2. Hey guys WTF?

    What happened to the Rick Springfield updates? A wise man once said, “You have to love somebody!”


    • Oh Ricky,

      You fukking fag.. Who cares if you’ve skooled a bunch of teeny bopper’s how to ‘bop til u drop’.

      BTW, The song goes ‘You better love somebody’ not ‘You have to love somebody’.. ADD retard.

      • Hey Juice,

        Haven’t you learned to mind your own business yet? Tonight, while I’m drinking a fine brandy, eating a stake, and having sex with Paula Barrbieri, I’ll think of you avoiding gang rape and getting shanked in the shower.

        And with my song, I will sing it or quote it any way I want!


  3. Hey guys,

    Love the Show, but you gotta get rid of that Eddie guy. Falling asleep during the show? How unprofessional.

    All the best,

  4. How come you Dbags aren’t talking about me & Ricky SpringBoard any more?
    We were giving you some good shit..
    You’re pissing me off.. Making me look bad in front of my cellmates/boyfriends!!

    • Cowboy James does one show and he’s got a groupie. Rob and I have been doing this show or two years and nothing! Where’s the love?


  5. I just listened to Podcast 73. Rob, your favorite QBs are Warren Moon, Matt Hasselbeck, and Russel Wilson. Where’s the love for number 17? I thought I was your favorite! You fly by night fans. Just jump on any new QB bandwagon!

  6. With the update of Studio A, these two podcast prodigies have stepped it up a noch with being able to now have guest call into the show. This makes for exciting, off the wall humor and unpredictable journey’s through these two comics heads.

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