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Adam Carolla is being sued by Personal Audio, LLC for patent infringement. Personal Audio makes no products.  They buy up patents, and try to make companies pay them fees for doing business.  Adam has vowed to fight them in court, and has already spent over a $100,000.00 trying to get the venue moved to an area to get a fair trial.  He is looking at 1-1.5 million in legal fees to take the case to court.  If Adam  looses it could be the end of podcasting.  If they beat Adam, the trolls will work they way through all podcasts extracting whatever they can from each and every one until owners pull the shows to save them from paying high licensing fees.  Adam has set up a defense fund at fund anything to to get donations to fight the patent trolls.  

Please check out the video and link below and if you like any podcast, and have the ability,  please give to the cause.  Patent laws were originally written to help the little guy who built the better mouse trap to keep from getting ripped off by big corporations.  They were never intended for a group of lawyers to buy up and use to basically extort money from hard working business people.  Help Adam send a message that the podcast community is united and ready to stand up for what is right.





On podcast 28 the subject of Speedo man came up.  Speedo man, AKA Jerry Davis, is a local man who runs all over town in nothing but a speedo, a baseball hat, and some running shoes.  Speedo man was a regular fixture over the past few years in south west Washington.  Lately, we have not seen Speedo man showing his stuff.  If you have any Speedo man sightings, or know why he has not been out offending people, drop us a comment on the listener comments page.



On podcast 24 Rob brought up the story of the man who had his beloved cat stuffed and turned into a remote controlled helicopter.  The cat was stuffed spread eagle with propellers on each paw.  I just can’t wrap my head around stuffing your pet, much less, turning it into a toy helicopter.  The owner did say his beloved cat is for sale, if some one will come up with the right price.  Next time I see a Opossum that got killed by a car, I’m going to get it stuffed and turn it into an RC car.  I want to see the faces when I plop down my Opossum next to rich guys miniature Ferrais and Porsches. 

















Today it was a record high for Seattle.  On May 6, 2013 it was 84 degrees, breaking the old record from the 50’s by six degrees!  All the local weathermen, and women, say this just does not happen here.  You may say it has to do with global warming.  If so, I say bring it on!  I’m sick of temps in the 50’s with drizzling rain every day.  It’s the first week of May, and I’m driving with the windows down, sunglasses on, and The Spenser Davis Group’s “Gimme Me Some Lovin” blasting from my Alpine.  It does not get much better than that!





Rob revealed in podcast 14, that in the mid 1980s, he made an outgoing answering machine message for his grandfather, using Jack Wagner’s All I Need.  What made him drawn to that song, and not Rick Springfield or Barry White?  No one, especially Rob can answer that.  Just try to imagine calling some one and hearing a sexy 20 something talking over this song.

It sounds like quite the pantie dropper!




Am I the only one who is sick of hearing Ray Lewis go on, and on, and on, and on again about God?  It was bad enough when he did his pre game yells that sound like he’s trying to attract a Sasquatch, and that stupid “chicken dance” he has to do.  Now he’s crying and shoving God and Jesus down our throats any time a television camera is near him. 

When you retire you can go join Pat Robertson on the 700 club and preach your gospel to all who will listen.  Right now you are just a football player.  A football player who should be grateful and humbled for the long and esteemed career you have experienced.  It almost was for not, or have you forgot what happened 13 years ago?

I do have a question for The Reverend Ray Ray. Where was God on the morning of January 31, 2000, in Atlanta, when your limo was speeding out of a parking lot while two young men lay dying in pools of their own blood?  Perhaps he was at The Fulton County Jail preparing a 6’ x 8’ cell for you?   

The only people, who know what happened that morning, are you, your “posse”, and the deceased.  Two sons, two nephews, two brothers, and one father to be, lost everything in that parking lot.  All you seemed to lose was the shiny white suit you were wearing that morning.  I see you have replaced it in your closet with a never ending supply of Art Modell tee shirts.

For the families of those two young men, watching your antics as the Ravens continue to advance to Super Bowl XLVII, compounds and stirs up all those feelings of loss and angers them that no one has ever been convicted of the killings.    

So Ray, do everyone a favor.  Stop all the hysterics, shut up, and just play football.  When the game’s over just fade away into what’s left of your life.  Remember, if things had gone differently, you could be watching the super bowl on a 25” console TV in a prison rec room with OJ Simpson instead of playing in the game. 



richard sherman

Today Richard Sherman won his appeal with the NFL.  As a result, he will not have to miss any playing time as the Seattle Seahawks make their playoff run.  Richard has been “The Shutdown” cornerback in the NFL this season.  He’s also an emotional leader of the Seattle defense. 

Sherman’s appeal was based on problems with the chain of custody with his urine sample.  I just wish that the late attorney Johnny Cochran could have argued your case to the league.  I can hear it now, “If they spilled his pee…Then Richard must be set free!”

Congratulations Richard Sherman.  Have a big day Sunday against St. Louis, and kick ass in the playoffs!




We would like to wish all our friends, family and listeners a very Merry Christmas, and a happy 2013! Thank you all for the kind words and support. Be safe.  Be careful.  We could not do this without you!

-Sly and Rob-